“Education in America is struggling… Coaching can provide a very special kind of help.”

—William Rentz, VP Brande Foundation

I know your work and life are becoming more stressful each year. Student numbers are increasing and resources are decreasing. Community support dwindles and society’s problems flood the school.

I also know that you are in the middle of a tug-of-war between the school and your family. You care for your students, you love your family, but who is going to care for you?

I want to help you do a fantastic job of enhancing your students’ and faculty experience and win back time for yourself and family.

You need to know what is and what is not important and to remove distractions from what will make a real difference for students and faculty.

You need to create a climate that will make that ultimate goal of learning a natural outcome.

You will then gain the control you need to balance work and family.

I have worked with many administrators as they struggled to meet the challenges on all sides. I have consulted with school districts across the southwest—I examined their processes, analyzed their results, and helped them develop plans for improvement.

As a veteran high school administrator and university professor of educational administration with over thirty years of experience, I’ve seen it all.

“Good coaches help leaders clarify their goals and figure out ways to achieve those goals, which in turn can make schools more productive places to learn.”

—Joellen Killion, Director of Special Projects, National Staff Development Council

There would be no greater honor than to walk with you as we identify and envision the future and craft the steps to get there.